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There are a number of organisations who can provide financial assistance to someone needing mobility scooters, but who can not afford one.

While some people will have access to others the most commonly used one is the Lottery funding for individuals with disabilities.

You can find the web site at: .

They provide an application form at:$file/IWD-new-application-form-1-Dec-2015.pdf .

We are more than happy to assist you in any way we can to make this process easier for you and provide any informnation we can, to asssit you in your application .


Lotteries grant via The Department of Internal Affairs.

Our scooters comply for funding from the Lotteries Comission .

After speaking to The Departmenty of Internal Affairs, it appears the choice of scooter is down to the applicant and they are not able to recommend any particular brand of scooter.

Funding is generally limited to $4000, but they said that if a person was assessed by an occupational therapist and the therapist recomended this type of scooter, for them, as being most suitable, that they could apply for a larger amount, though this may not automatically be approved.



Work and income (WINZ) have been known to help with funding towards mobility scooters.



ACC have been known to assist with funding for mobility scooters.



We have partnered with Car Finance NZ to bring you time payments / finance.

You need to qualify according to the rules and regulations of course, but they are happy to finance the whole lot, or just part of the scooter if you have already got a grant that wont cover the full cost.

Once you have sorted out how much you need just click the link and give them a ring and they can tell you how it all works. 










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